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Multilingual Packaging for Irish Mussels for Export

Kush shellfish come from the clean, Class A waters (the best possible shellfish-growing classification) of Kenmare Bay, in southwest Ireland.

Our Shellfish

  • Our rope cultivated organic Irish mussels are deliciously juicy and sweet, with a delicate taste and a hint of saltiness.
  • Our Pacific Oysters and periwinkles have a particular taste which is reflective of their production in a bioreserve.

Organic Mussel Soup

Kush Shellfish were First in the World with Pre Cooked Organic Mussels and again have developed another “First in The World “ product with its new 100% Organic Mussel Soup.

A very easy way to get all your essential trace elements, packed with copper, iron, zinc, selenium and iodine in a simple delicious dish. The mussel soup only needs to be heated before eating. Click here to see images of our new product.

Live Mussels


  • MAP Fresh, 1kg, 1.5g, 2kg. Shelf life 10 days.
  • Bulk Fresh, 1 tonne bag, 22kg bag (organic rope mussels).

Pre-Cooked Mussels

Value Added Products

Our value added packaging can be branded as Kush Shellfish or with our distributors or retailers branding.

  • 500g frozen. Shelf life 1 year.
  • 500g chilled. Shelf life 28 days.
  • 1kg frozen. Shelf life 1 year.
  • 1 kg chilled. Shelf life 28 days.


Our rope cultivated organic mussels are deliciously juicy with a delicate taste and a hint of saltiness. These quality, organic mussels can be supplied live, chilled or frozen. Our pre-packed organic rope mussels are ready to eat in minutes.


Our periwinkles are picked in Kenmare bay at low tide during full and new moon phases.